The ADOS Blueprint



Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Good health is necessary to productivity, self-sufficiency and having a good quality of life. We need progress in the healthcare system that keeps medical costs low, employs more doctors, nurses, and health technicians, provides free preventative care, mental health therapy and will fund research to eliminate cancer, HIV and genetic disease.


Education needs to be comprehensive while speaking to a person’s interests and God-given talents without being exhaustive in testing. Education should start at early childhood and be available for anyone that wants to continue their education for the rest of their life in order to create a more productive society. The Education Realignment  Act would revamp education in America to be low cost, comprehensive and expansive for individuals.  

  • Forgive college debt

  • Education based in culture, skills and desired career paths

  • Education options from birth through retirement

  • Less standardized testing

  • Strategic public education funding



Minority majority communities should not be exploited. I propose the De-Gentrification Act that would make Historically Underutilized Businesses a permanent partner in all economic development of such communities. 

  • Mandatory partnerships with HUBs when developing minority majority communities/Opportunity Zones

  • Grants for HUBs to develop minority majority communities

  • Tax breaks for homeowners

  • Unconditional Basic Income (#UBI)



The Taxpayer Justice Act will establish the Federal Department of Police Civilian Oversight to unite the people’s voices across the country and assure social justice for all.

  • Federal Department of Police Civilian Oversight

  • Fixed Bail Bonds cost

  •  I.C.E. Reform

  • Private Prison Reform