Hasani Burton is an American entrepreneur and long time champion of Democratic values. He founded Kemet Inspired Media LLC in 2016 while recovering from a near fatal car wreck caused by a drunk driver. He previously worked as a District Manager for the world’s largest privately owned medical device company. He has served as a member of several political organizations such as LULAC, NAACP, The 23rd Senatorial District Tejano Democrats, the North Texas Asian Democrats and Stonewall Democrats. In addition, he served on several boards, commissions and advocacy groups: the Landmark Commission, the South Dallas Fair Park Opportunity Fund, Preservation Dallas, the Mayor’s Task Force On Poverty, Working In Neighborhoods Strategically, the DFW Urban League Young Professionals, the Sierra Club, a community housing development organization and the Animal Advisory Commission. He is also a Precinct Chair for the Dallas County Democratic Party. Most recently he served as a volunteer organizer in the fight for fair maps in the redistricting process.


Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Indiana, Burton excelled in the sciences and has studied Hebrew, Latin and Spanish. He graduated from Indiana University Bloomington where he obtained a Bachelors of Science in Biology focusing in Genetics. He spent four years as a research scientist of proton beam therapy for the application of breast cancer and RAD9 gene mutations. Post graduation he spent a short time as a professional actor and model before moving to Dallas, Texas in 2007 to accept a position as a District Manager for the world’s largest privately owned medical device company. In 2018, Hasani’s company Kemet Inspired Media LLC published a graphic novel under the Kemet Comics brand titled ELEMENT: In The Beginning. In 2019, Hasani’s company Bennu Properties LLC purchased commercial property in South Dallas on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd intersecting with Malcom X planning to renovate the property into a cultural media center and youth arts and entrepreneurship incubator.



Hasani’s first experience with government was as a member of Congresswoman Julia Carson’s Congressional Youth Caucus. He was later involved in the Indianapolis Urban League before further grooming at Hoosier Boy’s State. In Dallas, Texas he would become a delegate to the Texas Democratic Convention for then Senator Barack Obama in 2008.


Over the last 15 years, Hasani has been a member of the organizations LULAC, NAACP, The 23rd Senatorial District Tejano Democrats, North Texas Asian Democrats, Stonewall Democrats, the Sierra Club and DFW Urban League Young Professionals. As a member of the Landmark Commission he would advocate for the preservation of historic Joppa/Joppee and other historic neighborhoods. On the South Dallas Fair Park Opportunity Fund Grant Committee he would help fund fatherhood initiatives, after school programs, HIV prevention initiatives and a Parkland Clinic at Hatcher Village Station. On the Animal Advisory Commission he would spearhead the end of cruel animal tethering practices in Dallas. In 2015 he ran a respectable, but ultimately unsuccessful campaign for Dallas City Council before a car wreck caused by a drunk driver gave him time to refine his vision for a more equitable society. 2020 would see Hasani become a Dallas County Democratic Party Precinct Chair and a volunteer organizer for the Texas Democratic Party. In 2021 he advocated for fair maps in the redistricting process as a volunteer organizer for All On The Line, a national effort overseen by former Attorney General Eric Holder. 

Hasani is organizing at the grassroots level to grow the congressional Democrat majority in 2022.


The highlight of Hasani's entire life was the birth of his son, Olodumare Burton, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.